May 10 2014

Traeger Grill

The Fuller Family has a new grill.

Oct 31 2012

Bar Update!

TJ’s working on the bar again so here are some pictures. She’s added the laminate to the sides and staining and varnishing the trim.

May 15 2012

Backyard Rock Border

The rocks have color after the rain! Who knew?

I went to Menards to buy more top soil to build up the foundation and wanted to keep Dusty from digging. So I created a river rock border. The grass clumps in front will be replanted around the front of the border. The AC and the water barrel will be leveled out soon.

Jul 24 2011

Bar Update

The laminate has been cut and attached to the work top.  Next steps are to complete the trim work and attach the first level of the bar top.







Jun 19 2011

Weekend Science Project

Jun 19 2011

Rain Barrel

Installed a rain barrel yesterday afternoon. After a sort rain this morning, we collected a full 48 gallons.


May 14 2011

Trellis for Basil

Small project


Finished product


Apr 23 2011

New Glarus’ Latest


Mmmmm, these women taste good.

Mar 22 2011

Many, Many Days Later

As the wife and webmaster, I have failed horribly. Since we have no idea what days which things progressed, I’m just going to post a load of pictures to get everyone back up to speed.

Feb 15 2011

Days 9 & 10

After Day 10

Time for backsplash and electrical work.